It is said that Campton took its name from an early surveyor’s camp in the region. It is also said that Governor Wentworth, when he granted the original charter in 1761, wanted to commemorate one of his friends, Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington. Compton’s influence had helped Wentworth become governor in 1741.

In those days, one would say the letter “a” broader, thus Compton became Campton. Most of its earlier settlers came from Connecticut. John Marsh, an early grantee, had a nephew, Sylvester Marsh, who built the famous cog railroad to Mount Washington after making his fortune in Chicago. For more historical information about Campton, please visit the Campton Historical Society website.

Campton has a Town Meeting form of government, in which residents meet annually in March to decide local matters. A board of  5-elected Selectmen, and a Town Administrator see to the day-to-day operation of the town. Planning, zoning, and conservation committees are staffed by volunteers.:

County Grafton
Population: 3,294
Registered Voters: 2,343
Zoning: Yes
Tourism Region White Mountains
Planning Commission: North Country Council
Regional Development Grafton County Economic Development Council
Election Districts
US Congress District 2
Executive Council District 1
State Senate District 2
State Representative District 7
Incorporated: 1767
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