Old Town Hall
The Campton Town Hall on Route 175 is the oldest town-maintained building built in 1850 and it is now the home of the Campton Historical Society, which has undertaken its continuing improvement with water and septic modernization, and it has benefited from LCHIP grants from the state. It is no longer used for annual town meetings or elections, which are now held at the Campton Elementary School, but is still used for town hearings and other civic functions.

Membership to the Historical Society is open to anyone interested in Campton’s heritage. Their mission is to preserve the heritage of Campton through the acquisition and care of artifacts, documents, and other information of historic value.

The Historical Society also recognizes and makes efforts to protect significant historical structures and sites. Another part of our mission is to serve as an educational resource through public presentations and lectures, printed information, exhibits, and special events.

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**The historical Society is looking for someone that wants to volunteer as a curator. Click this link or go to the employment page.**