Boat Registrations

Boat Registrations 

Boat Owners – The Campton Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s Office is proud to announce that we are now a registered Boat Agent for the State of New Hampshire. 2024 Boat Decals are now available! By choosing to use this additional service here at the Campton Town Clerk/Tax Collectors Office, it will not only be a convenience for the customer, but will also provide additional revenue for our town. Simply bring in the renewal notice you receive from the State. Any questions, please feel free to call. 603-726-3223 x-102 or x-103.

What boats need to be registered?

A registration is required on all boats with motors of any type and sailboats twelve (12) feet in length and up.  Sailboats under twelve (12) feet in length, rowboats and canoes powered by sail, oars, paddles or other human power are exempt from registration requirements.

All boats made after 1972 must have 12 digits in the Hull Identification Number.  If there are more or less than 12 digits, you must call Marine Patrol at 293-2037 to arrange for an inspection.  They will give you a boat “No Vin” verification form which you need to take to a sub-station to register your boat.

Boat Registration Renewals:

If your boat was previously registered in the State of New Hampshire, a renewal registration will be mailed to you, which you will bring to the Town Clerk’s office for completion and payment of fees.

All boat registrations expire on December 31st of the current year.

New Boat Purchase:

You will need to present a bill of sale containing all pertinent information on the boat; i.e. year, make, model, HIN or NH Bow number, type of fuel, length, color, buyer and seller information.  A boat registration will be issued upon this information provided.  You will pay fees to both the Town and State based on the year, make and length of the boat.

Additional information can be obtained by using the link below.